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Email Marketing, Done Right.

Create Beautiful Email Campaigns

Create beautiful emails that get your customers attention, and deliver the message direct to the target. Write your own content in our composer, add photos/graphics, and link to your website. You can use one of our predesigned templates, or make your own html email for a completely custom look. Read More

Manage Your Email Subcribers

Select one of your managed lists of subscribers, and blast out your message. True 1-to-1 marketing. Our service is tested against spam detection software so your message reaches the highest amount of customers possible. Drive traffic to your website and sell your products and services. Read More

Analyze Campaign Statistics

See how well your campaign was received. How many people opened the email? How many people clicked a link in it? Which links? What times of day? Using the analytical data in our reporting engine, make this powerful form of marketing even better, by pinpointing what works and what doesn't. Read More

Why Use Freshmailer?

  • Beautiful Emails

    Design your own email, or use one of our beautiful templates from our template gallery.

  • Spam Tested

    Your emails are tested against common spam conventions, and are approved on major non-spam whitelists.

  • Insightful Reporting

    Review statistical reports showing the success of your campaigns.

  • Cost Effective

    Pay when you send. Your account is free. The biggest marketing bang for your buck.

Direct Marketing, with Intelligence

If you could send a postcard via the mail, and receive notification when the postcard was looked at, it would be truly great. You wouldn't have to wonder if your marketing dollars were well spent. Of course, most direct-mail marketing pieces are in hand only long enough to carry it from the mailbox to the trash.

With our email marketing system, you do get to see who looked at your message. Not only that, you get to see who interacted with it, and who didn't receive it at all.

Best of all, you get all of that at a fraction of the price of mailing physical marketing collateral. No cost of printing, and no cost of pre-paid postage. You can use your campaign over and over, and you never have any reprint costs.

Once your campaign is designed (or you can always use our free pre-designed templates!), you can do everything yourself. Heck, your grandma could do it.

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