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Pay Only When You Send

Your account is free. You can sign up for an account and you won't be charged until you take action by either sending out an email, or performing a comprehensive layout/spam test.

When you do send your campaign, you pay $10.00 to initialize the send and 2ยข per recipient. So, if you were going to send to 500 people, the cost would be: $10.00 + $10.00 = $20.00. That's it --to reach 500 potential sales/leads.

We'll store multiple campaigns for you at no cost. Each campaign can have it's own list of recipients, and it's own template. In addition to that, you can track statistics on each campaign with our free reporting tool.

Email Design Pricing

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Get Started Immediately, with Free Templates

We have a vast library of beautiful pre-built, pre-tested templates that are ready to use. Best yet: they're completely free for you to use as is. They've been tested to work in all major email clients applications, and pass all spam tests. You put in your own text, links, and images. It's easy.

Put Your Logo/Branding on a Template

Select one of our fabulous templates. Have us add your logo, corporate colors and other visual branding cues. It's tested, spam approved, and now has your company's branding. Reuse the modified template as many times as you like at no additional cost.

Custom. 1-of-a-kind. Just Like your Business.

We build a custom template for you. Match the look of your website, or create something totally creative and new. The sky's the limit. You can truly have an 1-of-a-kind look delivered to your recipients. Wow them, project professionalism, and secure their business. Reuse your custom template as many times as you want, at no extra cost.

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