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Gather Your List of Recipients

creating_2 Get your list of email addresses together. Don't have one yet? No problem, you can start by putting a 'subscribe' form on your website for people to sign up. They'll be automattically added to your freshmailer account list of recipients. If you already have a list of customers who are suitable for contact via mass email (see our antispam policy to determine who/what/when it's appropriate), you can import them in multiple formats for use in Freshmailer. If you don't have a list, you can always enter them manually.

Select a Design or Design An Email Yourself

creating_2 Select a pre-designed template from our gallery, design your own email, or have us design one for you. Once you have a template you'd like to use, it can be used over and over again -you just need to change the text for each issue/campaign. Use multiple templates for different campaigns, or make different template selections for a single campaign at any point. Have your web designer make an email for you to send, or have us make a full-blown custom template that you can edit yourself at anytime, and reuse as much as you want.

Write Your Content

Email Newsletter Content Our built-in editor makes it easy for you to edit to your text, links, and images. You can see the edits you make right away, and make sure it's just right before you decide you're ready to send. Rearranging sections of your email is as easy as drag-and-drop. Upload your own images and put links to your website. You can even save drafts for sending later.

Send It

creating_2 Adjust your sending settings. Send right now or set a date and time for the email to be sent out later. All campaign costs are summarized and presented for you before you send. Pay securely via credit card at the moment of the send. Then sit back and marvel at some of the longest stretching marketing dollars you've spent for the promotion of your company.

Track Statistics, Monitor Success

creating_2 This is where the real magic happens. It's the one aspect of email marketing that gives it a huge leg-up on all other forms of direct marketing; you can monitor and measure the interaction of your targeted individual and your message. See how many messages bounced back, see how many were opened, see how many were clicked --and what parts. See cross-sections of activity against the date and time of day...and more. All information that a post card or mailer just can't tell you. See below for more details about Freshmailer's powerful email reporting tool.

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"When done right, I can't think of a better, more direct conduit to my customers at a better price."

  • - Joe Seifert
  • Seifert, Inc.

Email Marketing Intelligence

Campaign Snapshot

Get a quick summary of the activity related to your campaign, in this condensed view. All of the important info is boiled down here.


Link Click Activity

See how many people clicked a link in your email. See how many didn't. Learn which links drew the most clicks, and which fell short.


Recipient Activity

Want to know what specific people did when they received your email? It's all here. See over the course of time how each person responds to your campaign. Did they open it? Did they click it? Did they Unsubscribe?


Opens/Clicks Over Time

Compare campaign activity against the time of day. What times draw the most activity. What time draws the most clicks?


Bounce Activity

There's no point sending to an address that doesn't exist. Track them here, and maximize your expenditures by weeding out the phonies.


Compare Campaigns

See how your latest campaign performed versus previous campaigns sent. Is activity growing? Is activity withering? Using this data, you can make adjustments to your campaign strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your emails.


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